Thursday, July 27, 2006


All outstanding copies of Shock Paper Scissors have now been sent. You can expect them to come by Tuesday. I apologise once again for the wait, and thank you for your patience.

With all of this hassle due to printing problems, quality, and both printers that I use breaking, I am now seriously considering having SPS printed 'properly'. When I started the project I had no idea how popular it would be, and am so grateful to my readers for all its successes. However this growth in demand for the zine has lead me to be somewhat overwhelmed (as you may have realised!) and I'm looking for an easier, more productive option.

Of course, a change in printing would also mean an increase in price, as costs still have to be covered.

In other news, I am going to be away from home the 29th to 31st of July, and then again the 2nd till the 12th of August. All orders placed within this time will not be dealt with until the 13th of August at least.

Please remember that I will never let you down: if you have ordered a copy, it will always be sent. And if you ever have any questions or comments regarding the zine, or the whereabouts of your copy, feel absolutely free to contact me. The e-mail address is; alternatively if it's me in particular you want to chat to, you can write to

Thank you very much, and have a fantastic summer! I'll be back from a holiday in Italy (and visiting relatives beforehand) with lots of news about crafty activity in the country. Keep your eyes peeled.




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